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Students of three nations build two electric cars
Cooperation project by GWS, Germany
LEUTKIRCH - Participents of the project, which gets supported by the EU are five students of the Grimbsby Institute (England), nine of the vocational school in Porvoo (Finland) and ten of the GWS Leutkirch. They met in Leutkirch to exchange information about the project and work on the project car.
The goal of the Comenius project is to support the cooperation of schools inside of the EU despite the differences in the level of education or the type of school and to boost the mobility of students and teachers.
The assistant principal of the GWS, Gabriele Kallenbach-Blasen said during the international evening that they want the students do use the exchange of information between them to  motivate and  to complement each other. This is only possible because of the teachers. In Germany these are Claudia Till-Burbulla, Thomas Mischo, Rainer Schädler and Gerhard Nowak, in Finland Kristina Leinonen and Ville Vierimaa and in England Jens Thinnesen and David Hamlyn. Beside the construction of the microcars with a maximal speed of 45 km per hour cooperation is the main aim of the project.
The EU supported the project with 18 000 Euro. More will be collected through donations. The next meeting  will  be in October 2013 in Finland. The background music at the evening was provided by three students of the 12th grade of the GWS Diana Fekete, Nadine Kemle and Anna Raufeisen. Author: Gisela Sgier, Schwäbische Zeitung, 22-03-2013 Translated by Kevin K./Michel D.
Good mood prevailed at the international evening in the GWS.  (Picture: Gisela Sgier)