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Collaborating in such a project enables the participating organizations to compare educational systems and share best practices. Furthermore the project offers an important language learning function for the non-English partners. ICT and social media will play a crucial role in communication and documentation of the project, thereby promoting modern pedagogical approaches within the participant organizations.
Product of the project
The concrete end product of the project will be a solar powered micro car. A micro car with a gasoline combustion engine will be modified into a solar powered micro car. Planning, constructing, modifying and documenting will be accomplished by students of the participant schools with the aid of both core skill and vocational teachers. In the building project, the students must be able to use various skills simultaneously. The project creates an authentic learning environment in which the students will get to implement both theoretical and practical knowledge.
Addressing vocational skills requirements
The core skills that the students are encouraged to use in the project can include environmental science, language and communication skills including English, ICT and social media skills, physics, mathematics and chemistry. These are incorporated into the modification process and used together with vocational skills such as electric work, machining, welding and CAD drawing. The learning tasks will be as curriculum based as possible.
Project information
The project started in autumn 2012 and ends in spring 2014. Three international meetings will take place in England, Germany and Finland. The students involved in the project will travel to these international learning events together with vocational and English teachers to work on the vehicle in international teams. Working in multicultural teams will develop skills that the students will need in the life of work after graduation, including most of the key competences listed in the Lifelong Learning Programme. The main operating language of the project is English and all the documentation and instructions will be made in English.
The microcar  [Copyright 2013 - Sopro] [Image: Michel David] Student at work (Florian Netzer) [Copyright 2013 - Sopro] [Image: Michel David]
Three vocational colleges within the EU will carry out a Comenius LLP project in the fields of electricity and metalworks starting in autumn 2012. The main objective of the project is to break down the barriers between different subjects and to encourage the students to use core skills and vocational skills together in practical work. Other objectives are to encourage pan-European collaboration and to offer the students and staff of the participating organizations a chance to work in an international project.
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