‘ate system GmbH’ donated...
...about 1000 euro to buy the hightech electronic engine. This engine will replace the old petrol engine. Our car will be moved by electricity in the future. Besides the money was used to buy a new ‘engine control unit’ (ecu). That’s a really important element in the motor to control the car and control the engine. Without this expensiv element - that car couldn’t drive.
Furthermore ‘ate’ gave the mechanic students of GWS Leutkirch free advice hours. The employers showed the students how to install the engine and the ecu and how to set up the ecu so that the engine is ready to operate.
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ate system GmbH “Our team specializes in the development, design and construction of special electric drives. The flat, open and target-oriented organizational structure allows us to respond flexibly to our customers’ individual requirements. First-class standards are assured from development to production by certification of quality management system DIN ISO 9001. Our particular speciality is that ATE customers are advised directly by engineers – with nothing and no-one in between.”1 Klick for more information: ate GmbH
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Electric Engine [Copyright 2013 - Sopro] [Image: Michael David}] Engine control unit (ecu) [Copyright 2013 - Sopro] [Image: Michael David]
Bradley Stringfellow, Dan Pattison, Pasi Kujanpää
1 Source: www.ate-system.de
The comenius team says thank you for this great work.